What A Day!

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting with other local Realtors and Real Estate Professionals and discussing technology, marketing, and other forward thinking aspects of being a Real Estate Professional!  It was so much fun and a great resource that was put on by Real Estate Bar Camp. CHECK THE OUT HERE  —->>> Rebarcamp!

The wonderful people put on a great event and the structure of the event is something like I have not been a part of!

Registration started at 7:45-8:45 and the first session started at 9am but when you show up, you see this board that has all the time slots going north to south and the type of session going east to west and you just grab some chairs and huddle up!

The super cool thing is that if you don’t see something on the board and you know you want to talk/learn/engage with others about, you create it by writing it in one of the empty slots going East to West.

(It is funny, it was my first bar camp and as the day went one, people got more and more comfortable with creating a topic to discuss.  The board was by no ways empty when we got there but it certainly got fuller as the day went on with people creating topics and extending topics (or branching off from original topics)

I without a doubt learned a few new practices to implement in my businesses as well as meeting some cool people. —

I have been wanting to meet Jimmy Mackin from The MLSAPP for a while now…this guy is a Facebook Master and is coming up with some awesome stuff for us Realtors (and other businesses) to implement into our Facebook Pages.  Check Jimmy out HERE and Like his Facebook Page HERE.

When I had the chance to pull Jimmy aside, the guy is pretty popular at these events, he said he would be happy to jump on a call with me to talk about Facebook, strategies to use on Facebook, and his MLSAPP.  Stay tuned for that.

Another session I was fortunate to be in was with Sven Andersen of Re/Max in Winchester.  Check out his site HERE, it is very nice and he had very little to do with doing it.  The concept and what he wanted on the page was all Sven but he has a team of Virtual Assistant’s (VA”S) complete the task. He outsources a lot of what we do and shouldn’t be doing to VA’s.  For me and a lot of Realtors out there, we fill our time with “work” that is not in our unique ability.

Sven is best at selling and talking to prospective clients, not figuring out HTML and uploading pictures to MLS.  The session I had with Sven, if you haven’t figured it out yet, was virtual assistants.  Probably one of the issues that is holding a lot of us back, not because we don’t want more free time to be with prospective clients but because we have control and letting go issues!!!  His site again, is HERE

I have emailed Sven to see if we can interview him so hopefully he will oblige!! :)

Check out both Sven and Jimmy’s sites!

Next year, put REBAR Camp on your things to do list!

Remember LinkedIn and Twitte training tomorrow at EMAR headquarters 2-4pm!

Ryan is a Realtor®, Speaker, Fitness Junkie, and “Real Estate Helper” living in MA

You can get free access to his Social Media Training School HERE

Or click the link for Free Access to Social Media School at optimizedrealestateagent.com

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