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I have a presentation today on how Real Estate Agents can use YouTube to significantly improve their social presence and their business so I have YouTube on the brain (To get the free training the attendees are going to get GO HERE.

In my last post I talked about connecting with you clients, past sales, leads and prospects through video and I have received a few emails saying “Yeah but how”

We will break this down into 3 different categories:

  • Past Sales
  • Leads/Prospects
  • People you are currently working with (your best chance of a referral now)

Past Sales –

So the closing has taken place, they have moved in or moved out depending on the situation and it has been a month or two since you have seen or spoken with them.  You can create a video that is “evergreen” meaning that it go perpetually — no names in it.  Create 12 months (12 videos) of content to send to your past sales each and every month for a year.

Now the videos do not have to be too personal, there is a typically an event of some sort in every month or a common concept that can be applied to a video that does not have an event.  You could even tell a little bit about what is going on in your world.

“Hey there, its Ryan I hope you are doing well, just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you and the time we spent together, I truly miss it.  Often times when the transaction closes, we begin to see less of each other and I wanted to just drop you this quick video letting you know I am thinking of you and hope you are well — give me a call and let me know how you are doing”  You could even put some referral dialogue in there as well.

Even more advanced is if you created this in an autoresponder series so when they closed on their home, you could just pop their names and email into the auto responder and forget it!


So by now, I know you have a “subscribe” form on your website or blog and facebook fan page.  You may even have an online web presence using SEO to your sign up form or use craigslist ads to cultivate leads.

You should call these people right away when they do sign up, right away! I know some people use fake numbers or don’t provide one at all so you shoot them an email.  They may not respond and you may forget entirely about them but if you have an autoresponder series set up with video content you will get noticed over time.

Take a look at this flow chart on how it works.

Think of all the great video content you could provide:  Tips on getting a mortgage, improving your credit and MORE HERE


Current Clients

There are many times during the transaction that you have an opportunity to really shine for your clients.  Really shine!

Just had a home inspection – shoot a video saying what the next steps will be.

Just signed the P&S – shoot a video saying what the next steps will be

Just got the commitment letter — you know what to do!




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