Hi my name is Ryan —

I like real estate, sports, social media, physical fitness, and reading.

Now to why you are really here:

OptimizedRealEstateAgent.com – just sort of happened, really, it did.  I am on the board of directors at my local Realtor Association  — (side note, if you know how to put the little r thing for realtor at the end of the word in wordpress, let me know)—- and this year I was asked to chair Member Services.

I thought cool, what can we do to better serve the members.  So I called the former chair of this committee, asked people involved with the board and talked to the board office and they told me that it would be great to get local businesses to donate discounts on services, buy 1 get 1 free , things like that from car wash’s, dry cleaners, oil change companies, etc…

I thought about it and then thought some more and came to the conclusion that I want to help our Realtor community with social media presence….I’ll have a class, everyone will come and then they will leave this awesome blog with their facebook, youtube icons, twitter icons and linked in icons all set up and configured.

Not so much — a lot of people showed up but everyone was at different levels in the social media training.  Not only that but the amount of information I was providing was way too much for a one time session and someone would be in overload after the class with the odds of getting everything set up very small.

Back to the drawing board.  We decided to split the class up into sections blog/FB/YouTube/Linked In and Twitter. AND you don’t need to bring your computers, in fact, it was suggested you shouldn’t.  We wanted you there to listen, make small reminders — not notes.

Every step in each tutorial was recorded on my screen and uploaded to this site — access to is was free and since the goal was to help more people set up their social media profiles, why not practice what we preach and make this free site an example of how the concept works! Boom – www.optimizedrealestateagent.com is born!

So please, subscribe to the rss feed, like our FB page and if you want to know how to make use of social media (for any business) go click on free access to the site or go HERE

Ryan and the team at optimizedrealestateagent.com